6 - 10 June 2018
6 - 10
Coming on Saturday and Sunday

FolkActive use traditional music, dance and folk arts to bring people together. This weekend's workshops provide an open and accessible introduction to the traditional skills of maypole dancing, step dancing and broom dancing.

Programme for FolkActive:

Sat 9th Jun 201810:00-11:00Broom Dance WorkshopSalamander (Road)
Sat 9th Jun 201811:30-12:30Mini MelodeonsModel Town Garden Arena
Sat 9th Jun 201815:30-16:30Step Dance For AllSalamander (Road)
Sun 10th Jun 201810:00-11:00New Forest Step DanceAllendale Centre Main Hall
Sun 10th Jun 201812:00-13:00Step Dance For AllSalamander (Road)
Sun 10th Jun 201814:00-15:00MaypoleMinster Green