12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Mixed Border Morris side from Sussex, with stories embedded in their performances. Black tatter jackets with yellow or red stripe. Individual masks.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Mythago always pull a big audience at Wimborne. Their masked dances tell us stories of myth and legend: of times when warriors were valiant and maidens fair of face. Of times when magical creatures strode this land, and spirits lurked in dark corners. Tales of heroes and villains, witches and dragons. Of air, fire, earth and water…

Programme for Mythago:

Sat 8th Jun 201911:30-12:00DancingCrownmeadDownes on Tour (Cotswold)
Sat 8th Jun 201913:00-13:30DancingRoyal British Legion (outside)White Horse Morris (Cotswold and Border)
Sat 8th Jun 201914:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 35, After New Moon Morris (Fusion Morris), Before Southern Star (Longsword)
Sat 8th Jun 201916:00-16:30DancingSquare (not stage)Phoenix (Cotswold)
Sun 9th Jun 201911:00-11:30DancingGreen Man (Outside)
Sun 9th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingSquare (not stage)Nonesuch Morris (Cotswold)
Sun 9th Jun 201913:30-14:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Hips and Haws (North West)
Sun 9th Jun 201916:30-17:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Holt (Cotswold)