7 - 9 Aug 2020
7 - 9
Stephen Rowley

Stephen Rowley is an interdisciplinary artist, whose career has been every bit as colourful as his art. Despite a passion for art, music and dance, his first degree was in Environmental Science at Plymouth, leading to a first career in oilfield geology. Later he moved into the computer industry to become a highly successful design engineer. In 1992 Stephen left the corporate world in order to do some big sailing and re-evaluate his career, after which he set about building a new career as schools and community artist. He did a BA Fine Art at UWE Bristol, paying his own way through with IT marketing consultancy and art commissions. Much of his schools and community activity is concerned with cultural heritage. This includes collections, archives, historical monuments and local history. He is especially interested in the ‘intangible’ cultural heritage – oral history, folk traditions and customs. Stephen founded The International Pipe and Tabor Festival and the International Mummers Festival. He is completely at home teaching English early music in Germany, English folk dance in Paris collecting hobby horses and giants in Spain, performing concerts in Slovakia or playing for processions in Catalunya. Stephen is not too sure of how many instruments he actually plays. Some are familiar, like the guitar, but most of come into the category of ‘instruments I have to explain‘.

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