12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Mayflower Morris
Based in Ash Vale on the Surrey/Hampshire border, Mayflower morris perform traditional, new and swapped clog dance routines with precision and energy.

Coming on Saturday

Programme for Mayflower Morris:

Sat 8th Jun 201911:00-11:30DancingSquare (not stage)Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth (Welsh Folk Dance)
Sat 8th Jun 201912:30-13:00DancingHigh Street - middleSteampunk morris (Border)
Sat 8th Jun 201914:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 9, After Steps in Time (Country Dance), Before Dorset Buttons (North West)
Sat 8th Jun 201916:00-16:30DancingEast Borough (Olive Branch)Festus Derriman (Cotswold)