10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12
Raise The Dust
Combining both high-step and flat-foot styles of Appalachian dance to the authentic sound of Old-Time fiddle and banjo.

Coming on Saturday and Sunday

Programme for Raise The Dust:

Sat 11th Jun 202211:00-11:30DancingModel Town Marquee
Sat 11th Jun 202212:30-13:00DancingCornmarket
Sat 11th Jun 202214:30-15:00DancingCornmarket
Sat 11th Jun 202215:30-16:00DancingModel Town Marquee
Sun 12th Jun 202211:30-12:00DancingCornmarket
Sun 12th Jun 202212:30-13:00DancingCornmarket
Sun 12th Jun 202213:30-14:00DancingModel Town Marquee
Sun 12th Jun 202215:30-16:00DancingCornmarket