11 - 13 June 2021
11 - 13
Broken Biscuits

Scottish singer, Graeme Jones, has his roots in Rock (the voice of Wimborne's own 'Don't Untie the Drummer') and Cindy Sutton is from a classical background. His guitar and baritone voice, coupled with her violin and backing vocals combine to bring you refreshing interpretations of soulful ballads and high energy tributes like 'Personal Jesus', plus some of their own originals. Since meeting in 2011, they've enjoyed growing popularity playing in Germany and France, where they are based. They've recorded several CD's and supported artists like John Fohl, No Stiletto Shoes, David Ford, Hat Fitz & Cara, Big Boy Bloater, Stan Urban and The Celtic Tenors. A meeting of two souls from different musical worlds playing with one mind.... dubbed by the late Alan Dorey at Forest FM as, 'Dark Americana', affectionately known in France as, 'Le Demon et L'Ange', and described in Germany as, 'Music from the Heart'....

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