11 - 13 June 2021
11 - 13
Wreckers Border Morris

Wreckers Border Morris are a mixed side from the valley of the Tamar, the border between Cornwall and the U.K. We are a friendly and gregarious bunch who aim to have fun and put on a good show for everyone. Our musicians sometimes outnumber our dancers! We dance in Black and Gold, the traditional colours of the Cornish Kings. Unlike many border sides we don't black up our faces - we have no need to hide - we are proud of our Cornish roots, and of the tradition we maintain. The Border Morris style is a long way from the more elegant, graceful moves seen in Cotswold, and other forms of Morris, as it involves boisterous dancing and usually the clashing of long wooden staves. Cider and beer are often required to enable the dancers to keep hydrated! We practice in a village hall through the winter months and then, in line with the old traditions, start dancing out at pubs from May through to September, entertaining crowds and holidaymakers, as well as dancing at local fetes and close by village summer fayres. Our first dance of the season is between five or six in the morning of 1st May. We traditionally ‘Dance the arrival of Summer’ on this day, to ensure good crops and plentiful fish catches and of course excellent sunny weather for our tourists! We also travel further afield to festivals (Sidmouth, Chippenham, Lyme Regis, Upton on Severn, Ossett, to name a few) as well as performing at weddings, handfastings and charity events. Some of our dances are traditional, but many of these have evolved over time, and new dances are being developed and written all the time. We now have upwards of 40 dances in our repertoire, making it something of a challenge to remember them all! Our motto says it all "Dance Like It Matters"

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