12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Hereburgh Morris
We are Hereburgh Morris - a mixed bunch of men and women who like to learn and perform Morris dances that come primarily from the villages of the Cotswolds in England.

Coming on Saturday

We started our team in April 1987 without any previous experience of Morris Dancing or its traditions. We are members of the Morris Federation. Our current membership stands at 18, comprising both men and women. 8 of our members are also active Morris musicians. Our repertoire includes Ascott-under-Wychwood, Bampton, Bledington, Lichfield, Eynsham, Adderbury, our own Harbury dances and a little Border for variety.

Programme for Hereburgh Morris:

Sat 8th Jun 201910:00-10:30DancingHigh Street - middleQuayside Cloggies (North West)
Sat 8th Jun 201912:00-12:30DancingHigh St (By The Green)Rumworth Morris (North West)
Sat 8th Jun 201913:30-14:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Ridgeway Step Clog (Clog dance)
Sat 8th Jun 201914:30-15:30Procession starting from Park LaneIn position 13, After Phoenix (Cotswold), Before Steampunk morris (Border)