12 - 14 June 2020
12 - 14
Philip John

Bournemouth based singer-songwriter Philip John has been playing the live circuit as a solo act for a few years. Armed with his dynamic rock voice and etherial guitar sound, expect to hear influences ranging from Jeff Buckley to Nick Drake; Soundgarden to The Police, channelled through his own soundscape of sincerity and power.

His last EP, “Sung for Ghosts” captured his live sound in its most raw and charismatic form. Recording with just two microphones in a room, it’s one voice, one acoustic guitar, played completely live in single takes. He’s currently writing his follow up, working with other musicians to produce a bigger, more full band sound.

He’s a lifelong musician, has gigged all around the country and recorded in some top studios with countless artists, bands, and producers over the years, predominantly playing the backbone role of the bass guitarist in these endeavours. During this time he quietly worked on his own music, giving him material so that now he could step out into the singer-songwriter role, pursuing his own creative vision.

His very first solo show was in support of legendary Inme frontman, Dave McPherson, who spoke of Philip afterwards; “(Philip’s) voice is gold and should definitely play more acoustic shows”. Since then he has been regularly playing live around the UK’s South, playing clubs, radio shows, and festivals alike, working towards gaining a steady following.

Reviews have said:

“Philip is a natural-born performer from the moment he stepped onto the stage. (He has) an impressive vocal range and a very husky campfire voice. (He) gave a stellar performance” - Expllora.

“Philip’s skilful guitar work and passionately delivered tunes really hit the mark” - Rock Regeneration.

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