7 - 9 Aug 2020
7 - 9
Greg Hancock

Greg Hancock returned to the UK in 2012 after many years overseas and quickly established himself as a regular performer on the music scene in Exeter and the surrounding region.

His songs deal with a wide range of topics – from love-gone-wrong and personal emotions to topical issues and current affairs but all share an unusual, slightly skewed view of the world and everything in it.

His guitar playing has developed from roots in the new folk styles of the 70s and 80s, with influences from players like Nic Jones, Martin Simpson and Joni Mitchell, to become a unique, intricate style through which many different moods can be expressed, and different genres explored.

His music is difficult to fit into any of the usual genres, but Greg sees himself as within the folk tradition of storytelling and social commentary, with musical influences from jazz and flamenco adding to the mix. He has recently collaborated more with other musicians who all add up to make music from a unique mix of styles.

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