10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12
Coming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We are the wild women of Kent! We shriek and twirl, conjuring up magic with the passion of dance in vivid patterns and lively music.

Programme for Maenads:

Sat 11th Jun 202210:00-10:30DancingCrownmeadDorset Buttons Rapper (Rapper)
Sat 11th Jun 202211:30-12:00DancingHigh Street - middle
Sat 11th Jun 202213:00-13:30DancingCrownmeadThe Tattered Court (Border)
Sat 11th Jun 202216:00-16:30DancingCrownmeadWhitethorn Morris (North West)
Sun 12th Jun 202210:30-11:00DancingHigh St (By The Green)Sarum (Cotswold)
Sun 12th Jun 202211:30-12:00DancingHigh Street - middleBell's Angels (Cotswold)