10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12
Dorset Youth Marching Band

The band welcome new members. "We provide all the training and equipment required to be a part of the band. We provide the instrument and uniform (including shoes and accessories). We teach all members how to march and play the instrument and you don’t even need to be able to read music."

1979 saw the beginnings of something that would last a long time, Kingsbridge Camp! The band was asked to perform in the 1979 Kingsbridge Carnival and due to the distance took the opportunity to camp at Mount Folly Farm in Bigbury on Sea. They did the same in 1980 when asked to return to perform again in the carnival, and again in 1981. The band have performed in Kingsbridge Carnival and camped in Bigbury on Sea every year since, seeing generation after generation of the band enjoy the brilliant weekend away! Through the 70�s and most of the 80�s the band was limited to only Scouts. In the late 80�s though younger boys and girls were able to join, which meant the band grew in strength and numbers over the years. EDSB travelled throughout England, winning competitions, performing in carnivals, parades and community events. The band even toured Normandy in 1984.

In 1990, many of the leaders left to pursue further education and careers. In the same year the band�s founding Bandmaster, Rod Raymond, passed away. Simon Wheeler, only 20 at the time, stepped up and took on the role of Bandmaster with the aim of rebuilding the band. Simon, with the help of a very devoted Executive Committee and new leaders helped the band regain its strength and numbers. In 1995 the band returned for a tour of Normandy showing France what the new generation of EDSB could do!

1996 was a big year for the band. The band became a registered charity, independent from the Scouts. The Dorset Youth Marching Band was born and the Quarterjacks began. The name of the Quarterjacks was given to the band as we�d developed close ties with Wimborne since leaving our practice venue in West Parley and moving to Wimborne Minster. The Quarterjack is the name of the little man that can be seen standing on the north side of the west tower of the Minster in Wimborne, striking the bells every quarter-hour. The Dorset Youth Marching Band went from strength to strength in the last half of the 90�s, touring the South of England and performing in competitions. 1999 saw the start of something new for DYMB. The Fundraising Committee organised the first of DYMB�s Massed Bands in Concert. The concert was a huge success, showing what the banding community of Dorset can do when we come together! The concert took place every February from 1999 until 2012.

The Quarterjacks completed a tour of Germany and Luxembourg in 2001, showing more of Europe what DYMB can do! We continued focusing on the Youth of Dorset as we marched through the new decade, finding new things to do, and gaining new members every year. 2006 was another important year for the Dorset Youth Marching Band. We returned to France! We headed down to the Loire Valley and stayed in Boumelle, near Saumur. We performed throughout the region, meeting new bands and making new friends. The France trip was such a success that we have returned every year since, making sure we meet up with our friends as often as possible as well as performing throughout the area, showing France what the Youth of Britain can really do!

Two of the bands we�ve met have even been over to the UK and performed in our own events, Massed Bands in Concert and Youth in Music! On the 19th May 2009 DYMB were officially awarded the title of Wimborne Town Band by Cllr Robin Cook as the position of Town Mayor was handed over to Cllr John Burden. The Quarterjacks are and always have been very proud to be a part of Wimborne and becoming the official Town Band was a proud day for us!

2012 saw the start of a new event organised by the Quarterjacks. Youth in Music was held on the 7th July in Wimborne on possibly one of the wettest days in all of July, but was still a success! Following the (rather damp) success of 2012, Youth in Music 2013 was set to be a brilliant one and it didn�t disappoint! DYMB, Gugge 2000, Wessex Majorettes, Quarterjacks Choir and Duet plus One showed what the youth of Dorset can do on a sunny day! As the years go on, the band adapts and changes with each new generation that joins. New techniques, challenges and ambitions are realised and acted on, further adding to the development and history of the band. Each new member that becomes a Quarterjack is welcomed into what has become an extended family atmosphere.

We look to the future and can�t wait to add more milestones to the legacy of the Dorset Youth Marching Band!

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