10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12
Matt Black

Matt Black can't be described as ONE thing .. more like the love child of MANY! For example, he looks like an equal mix of Princess Anne, David Seaman, and Comic Book Guy from 'The Simpsons'! His humour sits somewhere between the observational idiosyncrasies of Billy Connolly, the mad-cap randomness of Freddie Starr, and the musical musings of Richard Digance! Then there's the music. From Meatloaf to Mozart about covers it, (which covers roughly EVERYTHING!), along with the unsurpressable instinct to change the lyrics to everyone's favourite songs – rendering them impossible to sing the correct words afterwards! So that's about it! When you hear and see Matt Black, make sure you're sitting down, and you have a drink in your hand … We've found that to be the safest position!

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