10 - 12 June 2022
10 - 12

They have won a number of competitions since 2018, taking part in TMSA competitions. (Traditional Music & Song Association). They also have played in many concerts and have a number of concerts booked to come. The youngsters are also being supported by Scottish Culture And Traditions and are appearing in concerts throughout Scotland. (SC&T). Kyle is 20 and Aaron is 24, Dad is apparently ancient!! As well as performing, the band undertake workshops in Bodhran and Trombone and also run sessions. The line of Sir-Reel Clarks is:- Andy Clark (Dad) - Vocals, Guitar, Banjolin, Bazouki, Mandolin, Mandola and Bodhran. Kyle Clark - Vocals, Guitar, Trombone, Harmonium and Bodhran. Aaron Clark - Vocals, Melodeon and Mouth Organ. Aaron is Autistic and only been playing Melodeon for a few short months. Aaron also composes his own tunes which can also be viewed on you tube.

The programme has not yet been published yet.

When it is, the programme for Sir-Reel-Clarks will appear here.